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FAMILY RESEARCH BUCKET is a new and complimentary internet genealogy concept that is totally user friendly for family tree researchers. It will NOT be necessary to Sign up, Sign on, or Sign out, simply enter your 'SEARCH' name and begin sorting the data. IF YOU ARE NEW TO FAMILY RESEARCH - PLEASE CLICK ON THE 'FAMILY NAME SEARCH' NAVIGATION TAB ON Y0UR LEFT, for information regarding how YOU get started.

So why is BUCKET different?How many Charlie Smiths are there? Wouldn't it be great if all genealogy notes on Mr. Smith could be reviewed in one gulp? Well, therein lies the cause of this venture. As new items are added, more information will be available right here to put your family tree puzzle together.

To complete the circle YOUR EXTRA NOTES are needed, anything from documented vital records, to Great Great Uncle Marv’s family letters. Everything submitted will be alphabetically added to the FAMILY RESEARCH BUCKET which will be there for your return visits.

Another point for your benefit, especially newcomers: You can add your recently researched notes to 'The Whole Thing', before putting them into your filing bucket. This will be of great assistance to you and others searching the same order, plus it will be saved to a protected location. For your convience, please add this site to your FAVORITES.

I just need to share my information with someone, and I hope you will want to do the same.


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Bucket Search Page
Bucket Search Page is a NEW genealogy Venture, collecting all those extra notes and adding them alpabetically for other reseachers to enjoy.

Data Input
Scribbles, notes tucked in old file folders, a good story of someone that does not quite match your family information; this is the perfect family tree Data Input, for 'The Whole Thing'.

Preliminary to Your Data Input
Introducing a safe place for building Your Data Input with new family information, or added information regarding anyone's name that is presently within the 'The Whole Thing'.

Example for Data Input
Example; An actual page from 'The Whole Thing', which illustrates the structuring of the Input for each given name.

Families The Whole Thing
Unedited issue of 'Families The Whole Thing' with many different Family Names, U.S. Census information, marriages, deaths, etc. etc. etc.

Chapter A - B
'Families - The Whole Thing'; Chapter A - B, contains the names of Archer, Badgley, Bauder and Brandes

Chapter C.
'Families - The Whole Thing, Chapter C: names included are Chamberlain, Cooper and Courtemanche

Chapter D
'Families - The Whole Thing' Chapter D

Chapter E - F
'Families - The Whole Thing': Chapter E - F, names include Embruy, Ferguson, and France

Chapter G - K
'Families - The Whole Thing' Chapter G - K, names include Gorham, Graves, Hatrick, and Keith

Chapter L
Families - The Whole Thing, Chapter L. names include Lambertson and Lamphere

Chapter M
Families - The Whole Thing; Chapter M, contains the names Merchen, Miller, and Murray

Chapter P
'Families - The Whole Thing', Chapter P, names included are Perkins, Porter, Planty, and Pringnits

Chapter R
'Families - The Whole Thing, Chapter R, includes the names Redmand/Redmond, and Rice/Royce

Chapter S
Families - The Whole Thing, Chapter S, names include - Schenck, Snider/Snyder, Sutphen and Swain

Chapter T
'Families - The Whole Thing'. Chapter T - includes the Michigan Tiel family name

Chapter U - V
'Families-The Whole Thing; Chapter U - V, named include Umlor and Van Horn

Chapter W
'Families-The Whole Thing', Chapter W, includes the names Warner, Wilder, Worgess, and Wunsch


Family Heritage
Wonder how many famous names lay in the old library book, that are your Family Heritage?

Family Storm
To answer why the picture changed after the family storm

Family Photos Badgley
Family Photos Badgley, a Michigan branch by way of Canada and New Jersey

Family Photos Swain
Pictures from the Family Photos Swain, a Michigan branch originating from Nantucket Island.

Family Photos -Thiel
Family Photos - Thiel: pictures of a Michigan branch of the Thiel family

Family Photos Worgess
Family Photos Worgess - pictures of part of the Michigan Worgess family, by way of New York, originating in Germany. Enjoy this and send more old Worgess family pictures!

Genealogy Book
genealogy book

Genealogy DNA
Genealogy DNA; 'Who's Your Daddy'

Genealogy Research Comment
Add a Comment regarding your entry, and how it reflects on data previously constructed.

Genealogy Family Reunion
A quick outline for preparing a 'Genealogy' themed family reunion.

Genealogy Family Vacation
Plan a Genealogy Family Vacation, following migration, history games, off season lodging rates, Boston, Fort Wayne, Salt Lake City, and Washington DC and Cherry Blossoms.

Links to search Genealogy Sites

Information regarding writing your legacy, and the heritage of your families.

Making a Family Tree
How to start the beginning search.for making a family tree, using a blank ancestrol chart and a blank family history chart.

Research Plan
What are your genealogy goals? Herein is the - how to make a research plan for Who, What & Where.

Research Sources
Research Sources will list the many places to search for your genealogy information.

What are family research networking advantages?

how to find and read obituaries, death notices, etc.

Pictures in family photo albums

Male Power

Procrastination, Is it genetics, or are some waiting for a global change? Just Do IT!

Suggestions for Data Input
Suggestions or Your Point of View:

United States - Census Records
Free charts to assist in analyzing changes in census records, from 1790 to 1930.

Another search tool to be used with genealogy is the historical events Timelines.

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